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Wondering what the hell is going on? This is the place. 

About this blog

If you find this site and are not sure what's going on, you likely might not have interest in my writings. The posts are intentionally vague and missing context. To help, all content is likely relevant to technology, computer science, design and all the nonsense around it. Mostly I like to keep it personal, specifically something I've come to realized on my own, verses what else I've simply read about.

My entries are formed from my own thoughts and experiences. I try not to research on topics in my mind that I think I might write about because I don't want to get discouraged about sharing. I will of course be inspired by other items I read and hear about, and when so, will link appropriately. I do know there is a lot of common knowledge, but there is no reason not to share it over and over again. It just helps making that knowledge better available for someone else to find.

See the original objective post here from this blog as well: The Objective.

About me

I'll let my internet foot print describe itself. Here is where to fine me:
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Still not sure? Well you can email me here: terrence.a.pietrondi@gmail.com

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