Friday, November 23, 2012

Tis' the season for kids and tablets

Not sure why, but I think this holiday season is going to bring some changes to the tablet market. I keep hearing who is getting a table for themselves or for their kids. I don't (and won't) have the data, but I expect we see some break through numbers with browsing and access to the web via tablets in an age bracket we've never seen before.

I am realizing it's no longer a joke for kids to have devices, it's a real thing that won't be stopped. I tell stories like, "at that age I was swinging sticks in the yard", while today kids are online.

The landscape has officially change. While I cheap out and hang onto my generation one iPod and iPad, kids at age 5 will have faster and lighter experiences then me. All touch interfaces. Geolocation. Cameras for pictures and video.

All with terrible parental controls. All with terrible examples of usage by parents pouring information onto the web that they'll one day want to take back, but can't.

It will be interesting, and I am not even talking phones, just wireless connectivity. Voice communication is really irrelevant in my opinion. There is more to worry about with photos, video and texting getting online verses phone to phone.

Happy Black Friday.

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