Friday, November 16, 2012

Morning orange juice and meetings

I've been cutting it close for morning calls lately. Eight AM is early when you work from home. It's my natural wake up time. But when I have calls at 8 AM, that means I need to get out of bet earlier to hit the shower and make the call on time.

So, I've been getting up at about 7:45 and then get on the phone by 8:02 (usually still late). Since it's still wake up time, I've been taking my calls at the kitchen table without the laptop. I pour my orange juice, sit, listen and look out the window.

My listening abilities while in front of a screen (tv, ipad, laptop, phone, etc) diminish greatly. I only ever focus when something odd is said or my name comes up. So being at the table with more focus has been nice.

With the change, I've also not rushed into the day walking right to the laptop. I complete the orange juice intake, and then make coffee while all on the call. Speaker phone of course. End the call, then move upstairs into my office.

Taking calls in the car is similar (no screen) however I usually am focused on not killing myself and other drives while participating.


StandardToaster said...

I inherently distrust anyone who schedules a meeting before 10 am that requires my presence.

Terry said...

I should have mentioned that we take calls with global resources in different timezones.

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