Friday, August 3, 2012

What do you think Nathan?

Me: What do you think Nathan?
Nathan: That'd be annoying to walk around.

Few days ago I was outside talking with my wife about putting some sort of outside containment system in place for our garbage cans. They are currently in the garage because the homeowners association says they can't be in plain view outside in the front of the house. However, they do allow them outside if they are fenced in (the containment system).

So we are talking about how this would look, how that would look, where it should go, etc. Then my neighbor got involved, older woman, a grandma. Then my neighbor introduces her grandson, Nathan.

Nathan blows my mind by offering the comment above. I never thought about how it would impact my habits of walking to my backyard, or being in the way. I was concerned with looks. Nathan has to be like 8, I am older than that and educated, yet his comment stopped us dead from putting in the structure.

The point? Kids are interesting.

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