Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do you know why the people on Jeopardy are smart?

My grandpa used to say to me, "do you know why the people on Jeopardy are smart?". His answer, "because they read books".

He'd tell me this once a week because he never remembered he already told me.

I don't read many books. I want to, but never do. When I do read books, I read slow. Few pages at a time, then I close the book to think about what I read. When I read fast, I always day dream away out of the book about something else rather then the material. I never read good in school either, or at least when it came to literature, or novels. I was always behind, missing the story line and never knew anything about the characters.

When required to learn a second language in college to graduate, I did terrible. I barely can grasp my own native language let alone another.

In conclusion, I don't think I am very smart, but my dad says I wouldn't have my job if I wasn't (he didn't go to college nor does he understand computers). My wife says that I am smart at what I do for a living, but otherwise lack most common sense. My friend is a teacher and believes he is degrees smarter than me, but makes a lot less money than me. If this were true, wouldn't he know how to make more money and apply his intelligence there?

I think there are that many more people less smart than me that makes me appear smart, but again, I am not that smart at all.

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