Sunday, March 25, 2012

Since forever

I was at the bank recently. I was asked for my employment due to the nature of my visit. I was asked how long I've been in that line of work. "Since forever" was my response. The women working with me laughed and looked for my date of birth. "I've been doing banking since the year you were born, you've been working total since 2005!".

It's felt like forever. I've been doing computer / web work way before I've had an official job out of college in 2005. Since like 13 I've been developing. Classes in high school. Classes in college. Side projects. Then finally official work.

It has been forever, and I have a long way to go till retirement. However, when I retire, I can't image at this point doing anything else in my free time alone. That might change as I get old, and prefer free time spent on a beach, boat, or with my family. But for now, I'll will be doing this (being development, computing, the web, etc) forever.

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