Sunday, February 26, 2012

Developer state of mind

Let me spell it out for you, put it in words...

If you are a developer, admin, or some other technical computer science oriented person in your day to day, and you walk into a room or join a call with others of the same background, there is no room for feeling intimidated or being less superior. You better not care about years of education, years of experience. Know you are the man and everyone has to get on your level. There is no other way to cary yourself in your own mind in this field. You better feel like you are Neo at the end of the Matrix when he flexes in the hallway and the room bends around him. You better feel like the guy who needs the ball at the end of the game to make it happen.

There is a difference between acting out this arrogance and thinking it. I wouldn't recommend acting this out prematurely, we all know what happened to Anakin Skywalker. Not until you are a Jedi will abilities show and be know, but until then, you better believe in yourself to get there. If not, you're getting get walked on, left behind, and not thought of when the heroic moments are needed to bring back balance to the force.

Listen to some hip hop if you need to, these guys are all the man and nobody has ever heard of them. It's the attitude and self confidence that is needed, not saying be an asshole, just feel good about yourself.

One more thing, if you are not me, your code sucks.

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