Sunday, January 8, 2012

Recently returned HP 2000-350US due to wireless

My dad bought two HP 2000-350US laptops for himself and my sister for christmas. Out of the box, the laptop wouldn't stay connected to his wireless at his house, so I told him to return them.

Before we did, I tried a wireless network signal extender because we though the issue was isolated to one area of the house, it wasn't, the laptops would lose connection when about 15 feet away from the router.

I also tried this homemade wireless signal extender, didn't help (but fun to make):

I updated the laptop wireless drives, no help. My sister sat on the phone with support, no help, they told her to reboot the router, please.

I have no idea what the root issue was, but I didn't care. There is no reason any device shouldn't "just work" out of the box when attaching to a router, it's 2012. When we returned the laptops, the looks I got from the salesman, the return guy and his manager were all the same, "what are you an idiot?". I wanted to punch everyone, but I didn't.

Regardless of my rant, I wanted to share the links and details in case anyone else was searching, I found a few threads online of people having similar issues with the same machine and wireless hardware.

Support threads:
Driver update:
In summary, nothing worked. My dad got two Acer to replace the HP and so far so good.

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Anonymous said...

My mom recently bought the same laptop and experienced the same issue with intermittent wireless connectivity. The problem only occurred when the laptop was on battery power, and I found that the Win7 power plan settings were the cause for the disconnections. In the Advanced power settings window, the "Wireless Adapter Settings" "Power Saving Mode" needs to be set on "Maximum Performance". This effectively solved the problem.

I agree with you that any device should be optimized for use right out of the box, but I'm glad that this was a simple fix. Returning it would have been a huge hassle with all the mail-in rebates..

All the best and a happy new year.

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