Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Recently there was a conversation on twitter about by cousin abandoning his voicemail usage.

He believes it's outdated and shouldn't be used and therefore he never answers a voicemail, which led to his box becoming full disabling the use of his voicemail as a means to contact him.

This frustrated me at first, and I assume others, it's a bit extreme, but it makes sense. Either call and he will see your missed call, text him, Facebook him, tweet at him, voice is not needed. You can talk to him when he calls you back, or when you call him again. Whenever I get a voicemail from someone and the content is, "call me back", I think about my cousin's decision.

We also spoke about class reunions being outdated due to Facebook. At least the classic version of the reunion it outdated, but I believe reuniting with old friends is never a let down, but reuniting with acquaintances, nah.

Here are some others I think are outdated:
  • Home phone and answering machines. A straight dial to my home phone will get you endless rings. No answering machine. I have a phone because my cable provided bundled it. My parents don't even know the number. Therefore I don't answer it when it rings because I know it's nonsense. 
  • Ringing my doorbell. I don't answer my door usually if there is a knock or or a door bell ring. I don't like unannounced visitors, again it's likely junk. Some kids selling something, some utility competitor trying to sell me on their services. Sorry, but we have the Internet now, I am not going to make an uninformed decision on my door step. I also do not like exposing the inside of my home to a stranger. Maybe if I had a storm door as a barrier it would help. 

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