Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DB2 GUI installer issues and resolution on windows xp

I was recently trying to install DB2 on Windows XP version 2002 service pack 3 and it was failing. I was trying to install Express-C. The installer logs were reporting:

DEBUG: Error 2836:  The control image_noJava on the dialog SetupInitialization can not take focus
Internal Error 2836. SetupInitialization, image_noJava
Action start 9:56:23: SetPropertiesForConditionsCA.
Action ended 9:56:24: SetPropertiesForConditionsCA. Return value 3.
Action 9:56:24: SetupCompleteError. 
Action start 9:56:24: SetupCompleteError.
Action 9:56:24: SetupCompleteError. Dialog created
Action 9:59:59: CleanUpGUISequenceCA. 
Action start 9:59:59: CleanUpGUISequenceCA.
Action ended 9:59:59: CleanUpGUISequenceCA. Return value 1.
Action ended 9:59:59: SetupCompleteError. Return value 2.
Action ended 9:59:59: INSTALL. Return value 3.

I was just running the setup.exe from the extracted EXE file provided by IBM (db2exc_974_WIN_x86.exe). The installer would start up, fail, and the installer dialog would then close.

The issue I was having was I needed to run the installer with a response file. I used an example file that was provided in the extracted installer assets, simply search for "db2expc.rsp" in the extracted asset directory. This file was then modified to accept the license agreement, and to add a username and password for the database admin account.

The following command was then issued to run a silent install with the response file:

setup.exe /u db2expc.rsp /m

Eventually the control center icon appeared in the system tray and all was well for the installation.

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