Monday, September 12, 2011

Settling in on a Monday

Every time I see someone I haven't seen in awhile, I am asked "how's working from home?". I seem to fail to mention how nice it's been settling in for work on a Monday when you work from home.

Usually it was a drag pulling myself out of bed at some early hour, getting dressed and commuting to the office. Let alone getting fired up over road rage on the way in. Weekend's during this summer have been busy and days are long, which is all you can ever hope for in Cleveland during nice weather.

Now rather then hating the Monday start, I now look forward to it as it's more relaxed verse another hassle. The busy weekend finally gets to me on Sunday and I've usually had enough of running around and I just want to relax. Working from home allows me to sleep in, calmly roll out of bed and start my morning in an easier way.

I make my juice, read the news, brew the coffee, clear my inbox, check my tickets and go. It's quiet, no music, no TV, window open, some breeze. No more speeding in and out of traffic, no more 6:00am wake ups, no more picking out an outfit, no more immediate conversation when I enter the office, no more managers on my back the instant they seem me.

This makes a huge difference in my attitude toward work and the way I deliver. My outlook on the day is positive, and the week as well. My hobby work as a developer is very similar to my professional work as a developer in the sense that I do it in the same physical way in my home, whether it be in my office, the kitchen table, or at a coffee shop. It almost removes the "work" from working. I don't feel like I am giving away so much to my employer just to get to work, so I am prone to actually do more without complaint or negativity.

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