Monday, September 5, 2011

My dream had a developer console

So I dreamt that my dream had a developer console... yeah like in Chrome and Firebug for Firefox. In the dream I was only selecting elements and inspecting them. I couldn't read the actual element structure, nor do I remember what the "rendered" dream was in the "browser".

Got me to thinking if I could somehow build on this recent extension install in my subconscience. Add more extensions, or even see what the source code is, then I could finally figure out what dream are made of. But I don't think it's actually possible to read in a full dream.

Wonder if all dreams are made of is browser rendered content that we use every day? I guess the Matrix isn't that complex if so.

I wonder what browsers are installed in my subconscience, or how the ones that are installed are chosen for a given dream? Like if a dream is remember poorly, was it just bad design? Or a browser CSS error (there are some good Internet Explorer jokes here, but I'll resist)?

Funny, I never dreamt of an Eclipse debugger, unit tests or console logging as a tool for figuring out dreams.

In reality, I think it's because I wrote my last post before bed and it was all about... inspecting the Twitter page for my numeric user ID, but some interesting "what if's". I wasn't on any drugs either, sober night with the family.

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