Sunday, September 4, 2011

How I found my Twitter RSS feed

Once upon a time, it was easy to add a Twitter user to your RSS feeder by just adding their page to your reader. For example, mine would have been:
This isn't the case anymore:

I already had some users in my reader, and I wanted to add my own to see what it looked like. Looking at the link structure, the Twitter accounts have a numeric ID:
So, what's my user ID. I figured it would be in the Twitter page somewhere in the source and it was. I found it on a unique Twitter post page:
Open up the console and run the the follow jQuery selector to return the user ID:
Turns out my RSS feed is:

What's the point right? Well I like RSS and I use it a lot, it also makes writing application to access data more easily rather than using an API. I also don't think Twitter and Facebook are going to kill RSS. They might hide it, or remove it, but the web will hold onto it for a bit longer I think.

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