Friday, August 12, 2011

Content, business users and real development

Business users are not developers if they are called business users. When business users want control of content that feels like development, then it is development. Development of code belongs in version control, not content. Content that impacts the source controlled site is not content, it's code. Content development that can't be pulled from the source system for all developers that impacts other developers is mismanaged. If you think your content generator is pretty good at their job, they need to start learning the software development cycle. If the content generator can't pick up on the software development cycle, they aren't cut out for actual software development and their work needs to be passed to a developer.

Bypassing change control is not a reason to make something content. Again, you've missed the concept of the development cycle. Issues are scheduled, prioritized, worked on, tested and released. Issues are not fixed by business users via content in same day and released.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are code, not content. These technologies are complex. When you make them content and bypass the development cycle, you've bypassed technical review. There is a good chance you'll break the site due to your precious glamour content.

Dear content people, I understand you like your work, I like mine. But let's work together verses avoiding each other. When I make a change in the actual code (version controlled code) simply done in HTML, CSS and JS, why do I have to abide by ticketing, review, testing and releases, while you don't? Seems wrong.

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