Tuesday, July 26, 2011

itworksonmylocal.com is now this site

So I bought a domain for this blog. The site was previously "a word on", now it's "it works on my local".

Some background (if you care)...

"A word on" was chosen simply as a vague and open ended way for me to write up content on whichever topic I thought I might choose. In reality, the only thing I care to write about is computing and the interactions I experience while... computing or making machines compute.

Also, the domain for awordon.com is taken by some bullshit one page site (yeah your site sucks, publish some thoughtful content or take down your page). I don't care to try and buy some domain with tricky lettering and naming, so what else? My last name? That's not very cool nor thoughtful. Again, what else?

I don't know why but "it works on my local" popped into my head so I checked if it was bought and it was available. I went for it. I've heard this phrase uttered so many time during software build. The changes always work locally and fail somewhere else for someone else to test. From demos to major site features it always happens. I liked it a lot for my site, and there it is.

Don't worry about updating bookmarks or feeds, Blogger will redirect you. Hope this isn't too confusing, I don't get much traffic anyways. I also don't think the name of my site was noteworthy or relative in remembrance of the content within the posts. I also assumed one day that Blogger will be renaming its domain name due to the Google plus direction, and I would have been a victim of that change, so now the matter is my own verses what Google chooses.

Thanks for reading.

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