Thursday, July 7, 2011

Being in the hospital and technology

I went to visit my grandpa in the hospital recently, he had news papers, was watching TV and had a puzzle book (pencil and paper). On TV he was watching some western movie on AMC.

My other grandpa would sit with the TV off and look out the window in silence. I'd ask him what he was thinking about, he would talk about his lawn.

Another recent visit to the hospital was with the younger generation. They had access to phones, the hospitals have wireless. Access to anything really, work, games, news, social sites, etc. We have e-readers now for books and magazines.

What a difference in mentality. How many people can turn off for a few days of medical care? Would you be fine with just TV and a physical news paper, or physical book? What about some silence and a window? I might go insane.

Simple observation the got me thinking how it will be when I am 80 something, and my grand kids wonder how I do what I am doing without going insane myself.

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