Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You need an extra monitor buddy, no I don't

Someone: You need an extra monitor buddy.
Me: No I don't.

Thoughts of technologist and software developers likely bring about office setups with many monitors. The thought is that the more screen, the more productivity. I used to be right there with everyone. Dual screens. Logs, emails, instant messaging, and monitors in one screen, development environment in another.

Then things changed... I was traveling a lot for work. All I had was my laptop, my nice Macbook Pro and I got used to not having a monitor. With six spaces and keyboard shortcuts, I've become more efficient without an additional monitor. I actually prefer it now. I never feel I need something else to be more productive. I also think it reduces distractions controlling focus of one screen at a time.

My desk also has more space for other items as well, or better yet, more of nothing. Some buddhas, a corded phone (yes, I don't like a cordless phone for work as it requires to be charged), a notepad, and a coaster for my coffee cup. Simplicity.


The above image is my actual desk. Nice huh.

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