Monday, May 16, 2011

Integrations I really like for sharing

There are several integrations on the web I use regularly to save and share content, typically links to other sites I've read.

Feedburner Link Splicer

The Feedburner feed link splicer will integrate bookmarked links from another feed into your blog feed. I use this to add the Delicious bookmarks into my feed. It generates a daily link list that I've saved. For example, if you look at the following feed URL in the browser:

You will see posts similar to "Links for 2011-05-13 []". Reminds me of the O'Reily Radar's four short links posts.

Delicious to Twitter 

With Delicious you can add your Twitter account for bookmark sharing. I use delicious to save my bookmarks, I also use Twitter. I like to share links on Twitter more so than commenting. Within the posting process to Delicious, you can add "@twitter" into the "send" option. The post is then sent to twitter with the page title information and a shortened URL. This works in the browser plugins as well as on the site page as well.

Visit the sharing options in your Delicious account to check it out.  You can see my Twitter shared bookmarks as well for example.

Flickr to Twitter

The Flickr to Twitter is interesting to me mostly because of the inclusion of the mapping data of the photo to Twitter. You of course need to add the photo to the map.

For example, see the following post I made to Twitter recently of a photo I took downtown Cleveland:!/tepietrondi/status/69060942503223297

Below the post data, the image is shown, which is normal, but then the map data is also shown.

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