Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I don't understand Facebook

Facebook confuses me.

I use Twitter and I don't have a Facebook. I used to have a Facebook back in the day when I was in college, like in 2004, 2005. When I graduated, I decided I didn't want Facebook anymore. When I was deleting my account, my reason (jokingly) "I've grown up". In all seriousness, I removed the account because I didn't want employers seeing the college version of myself.

Recently I went on Facebook via my wife's account and I didn't know what to do. There are too many things to do. There is an update feed and and a news feed, what's the difference? People can like status, and comment on the status? You can poke people, schedule events, execute applications, organize groups, apply privacy updates, etc. Status updates have embedded video, images and text. Status updates are long. Photo libraries and photo tagging? An inbox for messages? There is also instant messaging? Fan pages? Business page? Personal Pages?

I'd like to see the data model at Facebook.

I also noticed that in general people connect a lot on Facebook, how do you keep up with status of everyone? Why do you want to be friends with people you aren't really friends with? Why do relationships have to be mutual?

Why do people share links to Facebook that require a Facebook account to see? I hate when I see updates on Twitter that link to Facebook page and I get a login screen.

Seems a lot like the old AOL if you ask me (those were the days). A lot of services inside a single platform.

I don't get it, and it confuses me. Somehow, my mom uses Facebook from a Blackberry. I am a computer science graduate, developing software for the web is my day job. My mom just asked me where she could get a type writer, but somehow she can use Facebook on a Blackberry. If baffles me how she can understand the interaction on her phone, and I can't even understand it on a full screen browser window.

Must be me.

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