Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bad technology doesn't mean you can't make money

I've had a couple corporate jobs. I've been in consulting for a bit now, so I've seen other companies software and technology. I've also been on the development teams writing the software for these companies.

If you haven't been on a development team for a company or seen the code that runs portions of the company that makes money, you'd be amazed how terrible something can be but still work and make money for that company.

What's harder for me to understand is if everyone knew the technical quality details of the software that ran a company, would they invest in that company? Or even make use of their services? Is technology enough to make you move away?

As a comparison, would you live in a house that was terribly constructed, or drive a car with bad engineering quality? Not likely. I wouldn't.

I use services of companies I know are not great, but they are good enough. The company product is likely more valuable than the pieces you and I interact with on the web anyway. The company direction and ability to make money and return on my investment is what matters. If the technology doesn't get in the way of that, then who really cares? Only technology people care. If the details were in the company reports, who would understand it other then us developers?

Normal people don't care about technology and software, how it works and what it does. They care about the impact it has in their life to make something better or easier. This is why companies with bad technology still can make money.

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