Wednesday, April 20, 2011

War story advice, make sure there is somewhere to sleep

A good memory I have is during the the heat of battle (site launch), I found a team member sleeping in the workplace once.

We had be working late, nights and weekends. We were all burnt out, so eventually we'd go home, crash and get up and do it again. This guy was from out of town so he traveled in to work with the team during the tough times. He essentially carried the team as well, putting in extra, taking on the major load. He didn't have to go home when he was burnt, didn't really make sense since he was in a hotel. So he slept at work to charge up from time to time. We had a couch in the office in the kitchen, he made it his bed. He would also snooze in place in our war room, head back and snoring. Nobody bothered him, we let him be, gave him his time and then he carried on. No jokes, no comments, respect.

I did a similar move once, only at home. We were supporting an international client and we were always on calls at 3 in the morning. Some calls were long, remaining on calls during builds and job runs. I had a futon next to my desk at the time. So, during the call down times, I switched on speaker phone and snoozed for a bit.

I also rather then sleeping in bed at night, setup on the couch because I was expecting the phone to ring at late hours. This avoided me waking my wife. Getting in and out of bed during fire alarms didn't make her happy.

That's the advice, make sure you have somewhere to sleep during tough times.

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