Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too bad you don't know how to write software

Someone was talking to me about their business plans. How they have a site and some company put it up. They are selling their service and taking on clients, which is more activity on their site. But, they aren't happy with the support of their developers. It's hard to communicate issues and there is vague explanations of outages. Their company needs someone to get in there, take over, and be able to support, fix and grow the site. But they don't know who, or what company to consult with.

This someone was seeking my advice in the matter. My initial verbal response to him was, "too bad you don't know how to write software, if this were my problem, I would fix it myself".

I don't know how well this person took the advice, but it made me realized most business ideas solely rely on good technical talent. Not having this, or not knowing people to connect with is a major problem, and should likely be addressed sooner rather than later.

I never really understood why people majored in business in school, or spend time getting MBAs, seems wasteful. Technology is how you build these days, its not a physical store of merchandise, or a physical service. Services are digital, and are built on computer technology. Anyone can invent a business concept, not anyone can build that concept into something accessible online, or as software.

Why didn't I offer to help? I can do the work, but I don't want to right now. I am helping by the way, just not in a "builder" sense.

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