Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing jokes on junior developers

Not so long ago, I was working on a project. The project was very review intensive, which I really liked. The more you can take a beating from your teammates, the better the quality your work will be before it hits the client. At the time I was the "technical lead" and another teammate was the front end lead. We also have poor junior developer.

Junior was working on some front end code. The review was assigned to the front end lead. The front end lead was swamped with reviews and his own work. So I thought I would pitch in and steal some reviews from his queue. One review was some work that junior did.

Initially I looked at the work and I thought it was ass wrong, just bad. So pinged junior and beat him up on it. Little did I know, he was working with the front end lead and was right (that is why I put the "technical lead" in quotes above). Fun part was, junior didn't know I knew he was right, but I talked with the front end lead and got a better understanding. Now that front end lead and myself are on the same page, we thought we would give junior a hard time.

So we switched gears. Front end lead changed his tune, and I was telling junior he was right and trying to force him to commit his code. Tough spot for junior, technically I had rank in the situation. What should he do? Ha, well we spun him in circles for awhile and finally told him he was good. He handled it well for being green, part time and the project was under a lot of "quality" pressure at the time. Likely not the best time to mess around, but oh well.

First time I really messed with anyone in a review, not too cool, but it was fun. Give it a try (just not on me).

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