Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Perceived or false importance

I've been asked to do some "extra" activities these days. I am usually fine applying effort in areas where I understand the importance, and / or believe in the purpose or objective. This is typical I would assume, if someone cares about what they are doing, they will try to do a good job so the value of the outcome can be realized. Given that, the reverse is also true, if I don't agree with an objective and the value of the outcome, the effort I put into the task, if any at all, will not be as good as if I cared.

I have a theory around why I select the activities I actively participate in and those I don't. The ones I don't are due to the false sense of importance, or the importance is perceived by  the requesting individual and not myself.

What defines the falseness of the importance? Well, if I can get away with not doing a time boxed request within the time box as well as not impacting the impact of doing the work, then the importance is then false because it wasn't really needed in the time box. Meaning, I was asked to do A in time Z in order to help progress problem G. If A is not done after Z and G isn't impacted, within Z, then I would have wasted my time working on A anyways.

You might argue that all my objectives are short term given this mentality, but the time box is variable. Its value can be whatever. The point is the importance of the request. Simply demanding something that is never applied once delivered is wasted.

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