Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm a Java J2EE Developer

I conduced a joint interview recently. We would ask questions, and the response was, "Yes, I am a Java J2EE developer, I know how to do that". This happened a few times throughout the interview. The issue was that after the statement was made, there was no follow through to prove it. I struggle to understand the need for "labels" on resumes and in interviews. These labels come from a field or certification process likely, and are only used in the context that the interview demands.

If you are specializing in that area, why would you push the label? You should stress around the label I would think, make points that bring me (the interviewer) to the conclusion that you are in fact a "Java J2EE developer" or that you must be "certified in X".

What I mean by "stress around" is to indirectly define yourself rather then force it. This is a more natural and conversational aspect of the interview. It shows personal interest and excitement in a field, rather then claiming expertise in the whole which is not really possible to discuss in a 30 to 60 minute interview.

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