Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If I Wasn't Writing Code

I was having a conversation, well actually I have this conversation a lot lately, about what I would rather be doing if I wasn't writing code.

Before I hit on that point, I want to first say I love what I do, I've found my calling, and I enjoy pursuing perfection and sharpening the sword in my given field.

Now, if the profession of software development / engineering were not existent, I'd rather be cutting grass. I see it as the anti-code I guess, being as far away from sitting in front of a machine all day, trying to instruct it. I like being outside and tending to the earth, or soaking up the earth when I can. Pacing the ground in a mindless repetitive path is quite peaceful and relaxing to me. When I was younger, I cut grass as a childhood job, as well as a young adult during school. Now I only get to cut my own grass. When I see the landscapers outside my building while at work, I find myself staring in envy to some extent... but then I realize I making more money, exercising more creativity, and am also in air conditioning.

Oh well, one day when I am rich, rather then paying for a landscaper to cut my massive lawn, I'll buy a ridiculously expensive mower and spend 5 days cutting the grass myself to fill my time.

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