Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hard Passwords On Mobile Devices

I was messing around with an iPod Touch recently. I am not one for mobile devices, I have a basic phone that I text with, but I access all my online "stuff" via an actual computer with full keyboard. As I will trying to log into these services I use via the iPod Touch, I suddenly realized my passwords were very hard to finger in as I watch the keyboard.

First, my passwords are generally hard with numbers, letters, special characters and greater then 8 characters long. When I finger these on my computer keyboard, I generally am not looking and remember the hand sequence of how to enter the values verses the actual value. Fingering the passwords was very different. I use one hand, a single finder, and I peck each character. Also, I have to switch the character select for digits and special characters.

All in all, very annoying, and a very different experience. If I was a typical user of the device, I'd be prone to shorten and simplify my password. I think there should be a similar service for passwords like there are for tiny URLs. Also, the password masking on the input forms in pretty much worthless.

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