Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Business Cards

I think business cards are the worst waste of a company's money, or at least when they given them to me.
  • I don't carry them.
  • When I do have them, I don't hand them out.
  • I don't put them in the free lunch fish bowls.
  • Business cards are also not dynamic, they don't update when something about me changes at my company. For example, my title, my phone number, department, etc. Meaning, I need a new set of cards when this happens.
  • The amount I get is off, I usually get like 500 cards. I think 100 would be fine.
  • I don't like the company aspect of the business card. I'd rather have a personal card, with additional company information. My business card should be for me, not my company, or at least not the primary focus of the card.
Back back to original point of wasting money, I think the solution would be to not give me business cards. I can update my email signature. If you must give me business cards, give me 100 because things change often, either within the company, or I am going to leave within a few years anyways.

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