Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Business Cards

I think business cards are the worst waste of a company's money, or at least when they given them to me.
  • I don't carry them.
  • When I do have them, I don't hand them out.
  • I don't put them in the free lunch fish bowls.
  • Business cards are also not dynamic, they don't update when something about me changes at my company. For example, my title, my phone number, department, etc. Meaning, I need a new set of cards when this happens.
  • The amount I get is off, I usually get like 500 cards. I think 100 would be fine.
  • I don't like the company aspect of the business card. I'd rather have a personal card, with additional company information. My business card should be for me, not my company, or at least not the primary focus of the card.
Back back to original point of wasting money, I think the solution would be to not give me business cards. I can update my email signature. If you must give me business cards, give me 100 because things change often, either within the company, or I am going to leave within a few years anyways.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hard Passwords On Mobile Devices

I was messing around with an iPod Touch recently. I am not one for mobile devices, I have a basic phone that I text with, but I access all my online "stuff" via an actual computer with full keyboard. As I will trying to log into these services I use via the iPod Touch, I suddenly realized my passwords were very hard to finger in as I watch the keyboard.

First, my passwords are generally hard with numbers, letters, special characters and greater then 8 characters long. When I finger these on my computer keyboard, I generally am not looking and remember the hand sequence of how to enter the values verses the actual value. Fingering the passwords was very different. I use one hand, a single finder, and I peck each character. Also, I have to switch the character select for digits and special characters.

All in all, very annoying, and a very different experience. If I was a typical user of the device, I'd be prone to shorten and simplify my password. I think there should be a similar service for passwords like there are for tiny URLs. Also, the password masking on the input forms in pretty much worthless.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If I Wasn't Writing Code

I was having a conversation, well actually I have this conversation a lot lately, about what I would rather be doing if I wasn't writing code.

Before I hit on that point, I want to first say I love what I do, I've found my calling, and I enjoy pursuing perfection and sharpening the sword in my given field.

Now, if the profession of software development / engineering were not existent, I'd rather be cutting grass. I see it as the anti-code I guess, being as far away from sitting in front of a machine all day, trying to instruct it. I like being outside and tending to the earth, or soaking up the earth when I can. Pacing the ground in a mindless repetitive path is quite peaceful and relaxing to me. When I was younger, I cut grass as a childhood job, as well as a young adult during school. Now I only get to cut my own grass. When I see the landscapers outside my building while at work, I find myself staring in envy to some extent... but then I realize I making more money, exercising more creativity, and am also in air conditioning.

Oh well, one day when I am rich, rather then paying for a landscaper to cut my massive lawn, I'll buy a ridiculously expensive mower and spend 5 days cutting the grass myself to fill my time.

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