Monday, November 3, 2008

My house is always for sale

Recently I have been getting a few phone calls a month for job offers. While I feel this is a great thing, I have recently just changed jobs and am happy with my current situation.

Regardless, the thought of "what would I switch jobs for?" is raised in my head. There are plenty of cons to the question, such as burning bridges, upsetting expectations, puddle jumping on the problem spaces of the positions, etc.

Overall there are always both pros and cons for a career change. Given that I am happy, enjoy my work, see opportunity for growth and success, again, "what would I switch jobs for?".

It basically would come down to some obscene amount of money to influence me to move. Everyone has a price. Throw enough financial gain at me, and there is nothing I could do to say yes. Unlike most recruiting and hiring practices, this number should be shared I think off the bat, but that is another issue. Given this, why doesn't this concept apply to homes?

My home is not for sale. I like my home, I am settled, and am happy. But what would make me move? A lot of money. So, my house is officially always on sale.

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