Monday, June 16, 2008

Why I Tag

Sometimes I think about what I do any why I do it... actually I think about this a lot. One thing I think about time to time, is why do I bother tagging bookmarks via Delicious. Sure, sure, I need to save pages I've visited to get to them later. But, its likely all I need to do is to perform a new search, which is likely how I found something to start, in order to find what I need again, or for the first time. What I don't do really is utilize the social aspects of Delicious. I think its because I don't have too many young friends that are into the sharing bookmark game. A lot of people I keep in touch with rather just get an e-mail or instant message with a link rather then signing up for another service they need to learn.

So why do I bother, why do I waste my time entering and thinking of the right tag set per link? Why do I go back to old links and make sure their tags make sense? I guess the real value is that one day that value will be realized. I have high hopes. I feel organization of data in a personal sense and comparing that with everyone else creates perspective and sheds light on understanding. Someone, somewhere, cares what I think in terms of organization of bookmarks. They don't judge me, they accept my work as correct and try to understand why, they don't work to make me change my views. I like that. If someone is learning from this activity, I'm happy to help out, because for some reason, I think it matters.

This is why I tag, bookmarks, blog posts, RSS feeds, whatever. So one day, better decisions on information can be made one day. If this never happens, oh well, at least I have my bookmarks.

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