Sunday, June 22, 2008

Keyboard layouts, ctrl and fn

For most of my time using computers, the Crtl ("Control") key has been located in the lower left most corner of the keyboard. As being a primary keyboard-shortcut key, I often use the control key in combination with others to quickly accomplish a task without moving the mouse. This saves time, and lets me get on with whatever else I am doing.

A new computer I am using for work is different. It is a IBM laptop, and rather then the control key being in the above mentioned position, the Fn ("function") key is in place of the control key. So, rather then me expecting Ctrl then Fn, it's Fn then Ctrl. This is really messing up my game. Why? I have to think. No longer can I use what has been burned into my mind, I have to think, "oh wait, on this computer my pinky finger needs to move one position to the right then what I am used to".

Frankly, this is redickulous. If I am used to a specific keyboard layout, specifically the location of the control key, I'd expect it to be universal. For some reason, IBM thinks they know better and put the function key in this location. And not only do I have to think when using the IBM, I find myself stumbling when using my regular home computers as well.

Oh well, maybe I will get used to it one day... maybe not. My point is, I think IBM should have considered me, yes me, and you, when deciding on their keyboard layout.

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