Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hey tepietrondi! About your photostream...

I use Flickr. It's one of the nice areas that Yahoo! has a grip on. It's fun to use, it's easy and simple. I like it especially because I am a Yahoo! Mail user, and Flickr works with my existing Yahoo! account. All was going well with Flickr until the following...

It seems that I have a problem with Flickr now... they cap the storage for free accounts. This is crap. Why? Because they are still storing my content, just not presenting it? Doesn't make much sense. And to present my content, I can upgrade and pay a yearly fee? Sorry Yahoo!, I have other things to spend my money on, like gas. Hopefully the next president has a plan to help fix this problem.

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Special note: The image in this post isn't stored on Flickr, I stored it on Blogger, which also has a limit, but Blogger is not a photo sharing platform, it's a blogging platform. Strange huh? But I at least I know the image will remain available.

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