Monday, June 16, 2008

Do you use a debugger?

Do you use a debugger? No... should I? Nobody has ever told me I've had too... or that I needed too... nobody has ever showed me how... what am I missing?

This question was posed to me the other day and it got me worried. I am a few years out of school, I consider myself knowledgeable, I can development, I can solve problems... but I've never done so through a debugging tool.

How have I ever fixed problems in code, or found problems? Print statements, or logging. I go into my code, add these statements, and I watch the output. So far, this has worked. When I fix the problem, I remove the added statements. Sure, it's not the best, but I never had to learn a new tool or skill to be successful. It worked. Its all I needed.

If there is something that makes my life easier in terms of software development, I'm game, just show me the value and don't waste my time.

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