Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Disney Vacation Commercial: Affordable

I don't get it? This woman is looking up a vacation online, what could she possibly be frantically typing in the site? Her entire financial records to calculate if her and her family can go on vacation? The only time I type that much is for e-mail, instant messages and posting. Even then, who types that fast when they are focused on wording, language and grammar? I think the media, or whomever made this commercial has a bad grasp on the reality of how computers and web sites are used by people.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Knowing your customer, technical knowledge transfer

Recently I had to phone my technical support for my internet access provider. I was having an issue with my connection, where the connection would continually drop. So, after checking all my internal setup, I felt it was time to call support to have some assessment done on their side to validate the problem.

The resulting effort resulted in a total of three support ticket numbers. Each time I was asked for my information to validate I was the owner of the account. Each time I was told to explain my problem, even in reference to previous support tickets. Each time I was transfered, I had to give my personal information to validate my identity. Each time I was given a new ticket to call another department to help me with.

Where is the technical knowledge transfer in this situation. When I call support and I give my personal information, I expect any previous history be given to the support person so they can understand my history, whether recent or old. I know there are notes and classifications of each ticket, why aren't these put into consideration for a new problem? Why when I transfer on the phone is the validation of my identity lost? Shouldn't it follow me?

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